American Students from multiple U.S. Universities visit Stevia Hellas

On the 21st of January, 30 students from multiple American Educational Institutes connected to the Agricultural Sector, visited our premises in order to meet our Coop and get to know more about the cultivation of stevia.

Those students, came to Greece in order to further develop their skills through educational programs hosted by the American Farm School of Greece (Perrotis College).

More specifically, the students were expertized in many sectors connected to Agribusiness such as Marketing on Agrifood Products, Analytics, Nutrition, Logistics, Informatics, Environmental Sustainability, etc.

As mentioned, they chose to visit our premises, since many of the fields they are expertized in constitute actions of our Coop.

During their visit, they were informed about the cultivation techniques, startup entrepreneurship methods, the Cooperative model in general but also principles and values where all of our actions are based on. Amazed by Stevia Hellas’ success story and its innovative spirit, they wanted to learn more about this novel product, stevia.

They also had the opportunity to be guided to the unit of stevia leaves processing, where stevia leaves are being defoliated & finally cut.

Finally, they gained insight into our 100% European product range and the benefits of the consumption of stevia in people’s health.

At the end of the presentation, students were offered La Mia Stevia products and of course refreshing Green Cola beverages.

We feel much honored that young people are inspired by our Coop’s actions and we hope that more and more will get to know our work and the benefits of this natural product we produce in our fields, stevia.