Stevia Hellas @Crowd Dialogue Europe 2017

Stevia Hellas Cooperative is a proud sponsor of Crowd Dialogue Europe, a Conference for the experts of Crowdfuning.

In partnership with the EU Commission and the National Bank of Greece the city of Athens will be the 2017 hosting city to gather THE European Crowd experts. All driven by a common goal: enabling the crowd for a greater good. Stakeholder from all 28 European member states represented by dedicated Country Patrons will gather to discuss diverse scenarios of crowd-disruption from the fields of practitionersacademia and politics.

The event was held successfully , while all of the attendees and speakers had the opportunity to enjoy our products: La Mia Stevia. 

Stevia Hellas, is a Cooperative that is also crowdfunded from its own farmers. No other sibsidies or loans have been used, while the total infrastractures have been supported by the farmers. Stevia Hellas is about to take part in a Crowdfunding Campaign, which will soon be announced.