Stevia Hellas Coop on the Greek television!

Our Cooperative was featured on the Greek television, where our farmers had the chance to share their innovative thoughts on stevia cultivation! Stevia Hellas farmers, the first European Cooperative dedicated to stevia breeding, were interviewed about their road to success and how they have managed to be the only stevia growers for so long. 

As Thimios Katsavrias said "we wanted to do something more than just being producers. Our dream was to give extra value to our product and that was a real challenge for a farmer! Now, we have managed to not only be producers but employers of our own selves! "

Christos Stamatis, the CEO, said: "our next goal is to increase our yied by 20% until 2018, while at the same time expand our business by exporting our products to more European countries."

We would like to thank Alpha TV, one of the biggest TV networks in Greece, for the interview!

You can watch the video here: