Stevia Hellas Coop asks for your support !

Stevia Hellas Cooperative kindly asks for your contribution!

Our innovative cooperative has joined the "Katana" crowdfunding campaign, in which also many other agricultural companies across Europe have joined. 

It's your chance to be a contributor and help them raise money for a new harvesting machine, necessary for the modernization of the farming procedures.

The machinery, will be democratically shared through the application mermix, for free, amongst the Stevia Hellas community.

The perks start from 5 euros (contribute to the community of farmers affected by natural disasters to use mermix for free), 10 euros for La Mia Stevia products or a mermix T-Shirt and of course you can visit us for a weekend with only 140 euros! If you are a mermix and stevia enthusiast, you can also contribute with 250 euros and see your picture on our wall of fame! You can even learn from the experts and get intensive lessons on the field to become a stevia grower!

You can be an ambassador of our initiative, by simply following these steps:

1. Clink on the link :

2. Choose one of our perks

3. Choose a payment method. Debit Visa-Mastercard, Wire-Transfer, etc..

4. Register and...there you are!

If you need any help or further assistance, please call at: +30 2231054040


Give your share to show you care!