Medical tourism in Stevia Hellas! Why not?

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations world-wide. The country's unique characteristics, history, culture, natural beauty, thousands of islands, rare biodiversity, mild climate, Mediterranean gastronomy, its infrastructure and potential for attracting many new forms of tourism enable it to meet the requirements of Medical Tourism. 

These special characteristics are met in Central Greece, where Stevia Hellas Headquarters and fields are located. A group of French tourists, visited our Cooperative in the framework of their overall visit in Central Greece. The people, thought it would be quite an experience for them, too see in close how stevia is cultivated, grown and then packed for consumers. 

As it is already well known, stevia can be a part of the solution for several health issues, such as diabetes. Stevia, has zero calories and does not affect the glycaimic index at all, so this is why so many people prefer this natural sweetener as an alternative to sugar. Furthemore, the natural and pure sweet taste, is also what our products are distinguished for in the market. 

The French tourists, spent their day in a long walk into the fields and they enjoyed local products with stevia!

We hope to see them soon again, it was an unforgettable experience for all of us!