Our products

Stevia leaves

We produce the best in quality stevia leaves. The Mediterranean microclimate is a perfect match for our cooperative!

Our leaves are 100% Bio, cultivated under modern procedures and guidance of highly trained agronomists!

We love our land  - We care for it and we feed it with the best quality products to raise our crops – stevia leaves…

Our leaves are suitable for beverages, teas and all uses regarding herbs.

Crystal Stevia

We produce crystal stevia in collaboration with the best European stevia manufacturer! Our products are been processed with water, no chemicals added!

Crystal Stevia, consists of steviol glucosides and erythritol.


Several proportions are available, for your specific development needs.

Our production can exceed 200 tns annually.

Pure Stevia

We produce pure stevia extracts, 300 – 450 times sweeter than sugar. The extraction and purification processes are been done only with water, no chemical solvents are used.

We collaborate with the best European stevia manufacturer and we produce 100% European  product, made of 100% Greek stevia leaves.

Our production can exceed 20 tns annually.


We can provide you with steviol liquid, in different proportions and ingredients, under custom made development for your needs.

We do not use chemicals or sugar for our products!