Our people

Management Team

Christos L. Stamatis

Farmers should cooperate and produce qualitative products, which will gain added value only if you trust them to people with business background

Christos, is a Msc Mechanical Engineer, who has been occupied with innovation into the Agricultural Sector for the past ten years. He and his team of ten people are responsible for the promotion of the Coop’s final products, as well as the maintenance of the quality and the sustainability.

Members of the board

Leonidas Zervas
President of the Board

In order to achieve in something, you have to know it, control it and love it

Mr. Leonidas is the former President of the Board of tobacco producers in Greece. He has many years experience in cooperations establishment and operations as well as in cultivation techniques. He is also a producer in Stevia Hellas Coop, with more than 60 acres of stevia.

Panagiotis Koutras
Vice President

I am proud of our Cooperative and our people

Mr. Panagiotis, is the vice president, who is responsible for Stevia Hellas farmers’ sustainability. He engages farmers into a new and modern way of production, with respect to the environment. He is also a producer with more than 50 acres of stevia fields.

Stella Dampasi
Financial & Quality Manager

I want our Cooperative to be competitive and excel for its products quality

Stella, is an Msc Agronomist, specialized into Cooperatives’ Total Quality Management and for the Certification of our products and infrastructures. Her family produces stevia too, with more than 30 acres in Central Greece.

Vaggelis Palaioroutis

We are a big family of farmers, we don’t just produce stevia

Vaggelis, is a former tobacco producer and one of the first founding members of Stevia Hellas Coop. He helps farmers into many procedures of cultivation, but he is also educating new farmers.