The climate of our area varies depending on the altitude. In the coasts is generally mild Mediterranean with both hot summers and mild winters while inside, at a higher altitude, is Continental, with snow during winter. In western lowland areas winters are colder with sufficient rainfall, while during the summer are observed very high temperatures, which often exceed the 40 ° C with high humidity. In East Central due to the mountains, winter is colder and the summer cooler and dry, compared to the west.

The climate of Central Greece, is unique in Greece. It combines hot summers with mild warm winters, that defines it as the best for stevia cultivation.

Therefore, the microclimate combined with the natural resources, plenty of water and moisture, defines Fthiotida as the best place for our fields.


The seeding procedure, is been organized every year from March to May. The seeds require a specific machinery, designed for stevia and medium environment temperature.

Our seeds are planted with care and respect for the environment!


Stevia Hellas Coop farmers own more than 5 greenhouses, that are capable of nursing the new plants of the cooperative.

Our agronomists observe them, using sensors connected with the internet that constantly inform them about the condition of the plants.


Even if stevia needs to be planted once in five years, due to high demand for our products we plant every year new plants, more than 20 acres. Planting is a common and easy procedure for our experienced producers. It usually takes place in Spring, April and May. The fields need specific care, plenty of water and constant observance.

Our cooperative has plenty of organic fields, where no fertilizers are used.


Stevia is been harvested once or twice within a year. Our cooperative produces the best in quality stevia leaves, with 100% Greek origin! We can provide you with Bio leaves or even conventional, depending on your special needs!


Stevia drying procedure, is quite similar to tobacco. Our cooperative owns latest state of the art dryers, capable of drying under excellent conditions our leaves!

The sorting, is done under the observance of highly trained agronomists, to acquire the useful part of the crop.

Extraction – Purification

The extraction and purification of our stevia leaves, is been done to the best and qualified Industry in Europe. We do not use chemicals, we use water. Our products are high in quality and standards.


La Mia Stevia, is the official brand that Stevia Hellas Coop is promoting its products to the international market.

All of our products, are available for Industrial use, wholesaling and PL.